Congratulations for digging up our wonderful web page! We're still trying hard to be the the most relaxed Ultimate team in Berlin. Everybody unaware of Ultimate, so far, is encouraged to read an online introduction. The rest of this page contains little information on the game itself, but some facts on Discipuli you might find interesting.

Frequently Questioned Answers

When was Discipuli founded?
Where did we get that silly name from?
What about practice?
How to get in contact?
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When was Discipuli founded?

The team emanated from a university sports course held by Gerd Röcke in the summer of 1993. Actually we used to play right in front of the Reichstag, then. Unfortunately, that green had to give way to an enormous construction site for a combined car/railway tunnel. Gerd, our first (and only?) coach, decided to take his flock of greenhorns to that year's German University Championships after only six weeks of practice.

Where did we get that silly name from?

On their first tournament, the '93 Students Championships in Kassel, the intimidated greenhorns clung to the skirt of their mentor. Soon, they were mocked at as "Gerds Jünger" (Gerd's disciples), and were even considering that as a team name. Gerd, as it seems, was not so pleased with this idea - after all he had a reputation to lose. What to do? It's not quite clear, who came up with some humble remnants of Latin vocabulary, but they definitely sufficed to translate "Jünger" to "Discipuli" - et voilà!

How to establish contact?

Armin Ortmann
Email: armin@discipuli.de
References to other Berlin teams follow in the 'Links' section.


About half of the pages referenced here are in German.

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Thomas Griesbaum's Frisbee Pages:
International Frisbee Page including countless links,
Archive of the EuroDisc mailing list,
Schedule of upcoming Events,
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Again: What is Ultimate?
Short and extensive introductions to Ultimate Frisbee (both in German).
Also a well-structured descritption (in English).
Finally, da WFDF rulez! in English and German.

Training and strategy:
Ebb and Flow: Skills and Drills,
Spasitc Plastic: Drill Archive,
Vancouver Ultimate League Playbook,
And a complete textbook.

Self-evidently, there's a newsgroup rec.sports.disc accessible also via Google.

The Ultimap Locator - an ultra-cool world-wide ultimate team search engine. Ultilinks - The Ultimate Starting Point

The Ultimate Starting Point
Gaia Ultimate Gear

Finally, something completely different: A disc with a light show!

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